The mission of the Air Transportation Laboratory is simple; To en-able the future of air transportation by simultaneously maximizing the efficiency and minimizing the societal impact (especially on the environment) of the global air transportation through innovations in control, optimization, and system analysis and design. We jokingly say sometimes that this means that we are creating the future one algorithm, airline schedule, and flight procedure at a time.

We have a three dimensional matrix organization. On the first side we have the faculty. On the second side we have the staff. On the third side we have the students. For a given project you could find any combination of faculty, staff and students. People gravitate towards projects based on their interests and their expertise. My job as director is to facilitate this process and recruit really smart faculty, staff and students who have a passion for air transportation, work well in a team, like to have fun, and respond positively to a challenge.

About the Author

John-Paul Clarke is an Associate Professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering and Director of the Air Transportation Laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He received S.B. (1991), S.M. (1992), and Sc.D. (1997) degrees in aeronautics and astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.